Uibuilder load components

Hi, i 'm trying to load a component lets say component.vue
in the index.js i have added:

'formlogin': httpVueLoader('formlogin.vue')

also have installed in front end libraries and from console the vue-http-loader

but i get errors saying that vue-http is not loaded or something

please help me!

Hello .. @TotallyInformation has a Wiki article on the uibuilder github website describing how to load vue components with httpVueLoader.

Dynamically load .vue files without a build step

Have you included the library in your index.html file ?

<!-- Loading from CDN -->
    <script src="https://unpkg.com/http-vue-loader"></script>
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Also use the browsers network view to make sure that all of the libraries are actually loading.

i've forgot this step but anyways not working...

YEAAAAAH!!! :smiley:

the solution for me was:
//before the ./index.js
2- Replace:
export default {
data() {.......

module.exports = {
data() {.......

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