Is something update when load page show Vue is not defined?

Hello, My project is work properly until yesterday (Start from December 2022). The Customer said cant login and if F12 in console show Vue is not defined. Is something update or not I dont know what I need to check, I download library in uibuilder feature not use cdn for all library. I use vue 2.7 and uibuilder v5.

Can you guy give me and Idea to check.


Means that the library hasn't been loaded. Check the network tab in the dev tools to confirm that it is showing a 404 response code (not found). If it is, you know that either someone has changed the HTML to the wrong script link, you've changed something in the version of VueJS you have loaded into the uibuilder library manager.

If you share some more info and maybe some code from your html file, we may be able to assist further.

Thanks !!

It fixed already someone change the path as your mentioned.


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