[uibuilder] Next release v6.1.0 - Development started - GitHub v6.1.0 branch available

Didn't get as much time as I hoped this week to work on v6.1 but it is certainly well under way with what I think are some nice new features.

Here are the proposed and completed changes so far. As usual, if you want to follow along, the dev build is on the GitHub v6.1.0 branch. Lots more to do but Christmas is going to slow things down for a few days I'm afraid.

Don't forget that there is a LOT more than this in the roadmap file.

To do/In-progress

uibuilder node

  • Editor
    • Disable the new Open button along with other disabled things when new or url has changed.
    • Add template description to display.
  • socket.js
    • Add rooms: Url, Url/page, User id, Tab id - will allow broadcasts to a specific page, user or individual tab and will not be purely reliant on the _socketId which can change.
    • When a new client connection is made, use socket.emit('join', tabId)
    • Output to a room using io.to(tabId).emit(...)
    • Rooms | Socket.IO

IIFE/ESM/Module client library

  • Add a default msg.topic option. uibuilder.set('topic', '....') Will be used in msgs sent back to node-red if no topic specified.
  • Add uibuilder.cacheSend() and uibuilder.cacheClear() functions - reinstate in uib-cache fn now we've removed extra ctrl send
  • Add option to send log events back to node-red via the navigator.sendBeacon() method.
    • uibuilder node will output control msg of type Client Log when client sends a beacon.
    • Make optional via flag in Editor with start msg enabling/disabling in client.
    • ? window and document events - make optional via uibuilder fe command.
  • Consider watching for a url change (e.g. from vue router) and send a ctrl msg if not sending a new connection (e.g. from an actual page change).


  • Update all to use new libs. Remove (c).
  • Global Notification/Toasts
  • Update/add examples for each template

Templates - update to latest standards

  • Not yet done:
    • vue
    • vue-simple
    • svelte-basic
  • Maybe add:
    • Vue v3 (build)
    • Vue v3 + Quasar
    • REACT (no-build)
    • REACT (build)


  • Output node.warn msg if recv input with no "Cache by" msg prop. (e.g. no msg.topic for default setting)

Doc updates

  • isVisible, tabId and syntaxHighlight(json) in new client builds.
  • Updated msg._uib optional in standard msgs
  • Move v5 changes to archive log

Other Ideas (Will probably move to the roadmap)

Committed to GitHub v6.1.0 branch

uibuilder node

  • Added JSON and Form encoded body processing to all user instance routes to allow for processing POST requests

  • Added new user web endpoint ./_clientLog (web.js::addLogRoute()). This can only be POSTed to and should only be used for navigator.sendBeacon text messages (the body of the POST has to be plain text).

  • Updated optional msg._uib properties on standard output messages, additional metadata added:

    msg._uib = {
      // The uibuilder URL setting
      // ID of the client tab - NOTE: If a tab is duplicated, it will have the same ID

    This data should help when working out identities for authentication and authorisation as well as enabling specific page/tab/user processing.

  • Updated connect, disconnect and error control messages. They now show more details about the originating client and page.

    In particular, the connect msg now has msg.lastNavType which shows what the browser reported about the last time the originating page loaded. e.g. "navigate", "reload", "back_forward", "prerender". This comes from the Performance browser API.

  • Reinstated ability for client to send uibuilder control messages.

    • New "visibility" control msg now added which uses the document visibilitychange event.
  • Editor

    • Added Open button to top button bar next to Delete. Add globe icon to open buttons.
    • Added Docs button next to new Open button. Add book icon to docs buttons.
  • socket.js

    • Added url to _uib property to make downstream processing easier.
    • Added visibility change control msg. Sent by FE client.

IIFE/ESM/Module client library

  • Added uibuilder.syntaxHighlight(json) function - standard function that converts JSON/JavaScript object into highlighted HTML. Useful for debugging messages sent from/to Node-RED. This used to be in each template so you don't need it there any more.

  • Added a unique tab identifier uibuilder.tabId that remains while the tab does. Is include in std outputs. Based on this. NOTE however, that duplicating the browser tab will result in a duplicate tab id.

  • Added uibuilder.isVisible property. Is true when the browser tab containing the page is actually visible. On visibility change, sends a new control msg msg.uibuilderCtrl = "visibility" with the property isVisible true or false. Does not send this when the page loads but does set the property. Uses the document visibilitychange event.


  • Is now the default CSS for all of the templates.
  • Added JSON syntax highlight rules from uib-styles.css.


  • All of the templates have been updated to the latest uibuilder standards for v6.
  • The default blank template and any others that don't specify which client build is used now use the new uibuilder.IIFE.min.js build.
  • All templates using the new clients have a <div id="more"><!-- '#more' is used as a parent for dynamic content in examples --></div> line in the HTML which is a useful target for adding dynamic content from Node-RED.
  • All templates have updated and rationalised README.md and package.json files in the root folder.
  • All templates have .eslintrc.js files in the root folder. You may need to install eslint extensions to match. If this file gets in the way, it can be safely deleted. It helps maintain standard coding practices and helps avoid the use of JavaScript which is too new.
  • Removed the (c) from the remaining templates. There is no (c) on any of them. They all fall under MIT license. Use as you will, there are no intellectual property restraints on the template code.
  • Updated:
    • blank
    • blank-iife-client
    • blank-old-client
    • blank-esm-client
    • iife-vue3-nobuild
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