Uibuilder v2.0.6: Bugfix and minor tweaks + a new example

Hi all,

Thanks for Paul W who found a bug, I've pushed a new release.


  • Improved detection for projects. Previously if projects had been in use and were then disabled, uibuilder would still think them active.


  • Add a new example to the library: cacheByTopic - A simple caching example that uses a function node to cache the last msg for each topic & replay them when a client connects.

  • Improved initial debug msg in the front-end (if debug=true), shows versions and whether the minimised version of uibuilderfe is in use.

  • Code safety improvements and tidy up.

  • Slight tweak to the default template (VueJS). The button now has an ID and the increment function prints out the event object to console.