Unable to connection mqtt

first of all happy new year!!!
for my work i want to experience someting. i have an arduino mkr1310 with LoRa. I'am able to connect the microcontroller with kpn. Now i want to send the data from KPN to Node-red with mqtt. i did some research online, and it looks very simple but unfortuned i can every time connection failed.
i do not see my mistake so if somoine has see it of have some ideas i will be thankfull.

hi @MrEngineer. welcome to the forum.

Perhaps your post would be better categorised as a General query than Share Your Projects?

Does mqtt.arduino.org exist? I can't find anything about it online.

Does it work if you use (for testing only) test.mosquitto.org?

firstly, uninstall node-red-contrib-mqtt - the built in MQTT nodes are more up to date.

Secondly, where are you running node-red? looks like a windows PC

Can you ping mqtt.arduino.org from a cmd window on this device?

while mqtt.arduino.org responds to a ping request it does not seem to be providing any service. I've been trying to connect through a regular mqtt client and it won't connect so.. not your fault.
You'd need an mqtt server to place your data into.

Hi @jbudd,

Thank you, and my appology. i'am going to see if i can change the category. :slight_smile:

hi @Steve-Mcl,
first of all, thank you very mutch for the info :slight_smile: .

  1. yes it was my plan to unstall it, because it was my first time using node red i was trying out some stuff.
  2. i'm running node red on a virtual windows pc. i did some research and in some circomstances it can cause connection problems because the virtual pc network has to go through the physical pc.
  3. going to try it

hi @everynone
thank you for the help, i'v solve my problem. i didn't understrand in the correct way how mqqt server worked. i did some extra research and i fixed my problem so everyting is working. Again thanks to everyone for the help and the info :smiley:

Can you explain what you did to sort out the problem as it might help other people who encounter a similar issue in the furture?


My apology for the late anwere, i just finalise some details and then i will explaine everything.
Again sorry for being so late.

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I'm finally done with my little project. everything is know working correctly. i will try to explained it in several steps:

  1. connection with KPN must always be an encrypted connection which means that the port must be 8883.
  2. before any connection can be done, you will need to configure a encrypted connection to your server. I have done it with the help of the site below but it depends on your server system:
    How to Install and Secure the Mosquitto MQTT Messaging Broker on Ubuntu 18.04 | DigitalOcean
  3. ones the configuration is done, you will need the MQTT_IN node or block and you just need to put in the server information: host, port, encrypted keys, topic, etc...
  4. after that you just press the Deploy button if there is a green connection below the MQTT node then it should work.

if there are other question or uncertainties then you can ask

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