Unable to create file on USB drive

Hi, anyone knows how to assign the permission to node-red in order to create file on USB drive?

Is the USB drive plugged into the same computer where node red is running?

What does the built-in help of the file node say about Windows paths?

yup, the USB drive plugged into the same computer

and I'm trying to write a file to H:\ path

but the debug message said unable to create the directory due to denied of operation :sweat_smile:

Yeah but under the hood, without escaping backslashes, a file name of h:data.json is trying to be created - which is NOT permitted on windows.

You didnt say but I assume you are now using h:\\data.json or even better, h:/data.json?

So don't you need to make it:

Screenshots sometimes are painful to read.

Now I figured out why

there's a checkbox in the write file node ("Create directory if it doesn't exist?")

if we just need to write file to H:/ drive, then we need to unselect this checkbox otherwise system will prompt out the error

for instance:
h:/data.json => get error
h:/newFolder/data.json => success to write file

it's quite weird but now the problem has been solved, I am able to create the file now :))

actually the below syntax work for me:

  • H:\\data..json
  • H:\data.json
  • H:/data.json

just remember to unselect the "create new directory" checkbox in the write file node

otherwise system will throw error :sweat_smile:

Please look a bit more at the text from @Steve-Mcl ....

On Windows path separators may need to be escaped for example \\Users\\myUser

Please note the double \\.

ok sure :ok_hand:

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