Unable to install Telegram palette on Node-Red


Trying to install telegram bot using Node red palette, i am using Node-red snap version 2.2. This is the error i encountered trying to install it.

2022-05-11T05:49:24.618Z Install : node-red-contrib-telegrambot 11.3.0

2022-05-11T05:49:25.208Z npm install --no-audit --no-update-notifier --no-fund --save --save-prefix=~ --production --engine-strict node-red-contrib-telegrambot@11.3.0
2022-05-11T05:49:46.591Z [err] npm
2022-05-11T05:49:46.592Z [err]  
2022-05-11T05:49:46.593Z [err] WARN
2022-05-11T05:49:46.596Z [err]  deprecated har-validator@5.1.5: this library is no longer supported
2022-05-11T05:49:48.803Z [err] npm
2022-05-11T05:49:48.805Z [err]  
2022-05-11T05:49:48.805Z [err] WARN
2022-05-11T05:49:48.807Z [err]  deprecated request-promise@4.2.6: request-promise has been deprecated because it extends the now deprecated request package, see https://github.com/request/request/issues/3142
2022-05-11T05:49:50.164Z [err] npm
2022-05-11T05:49:50.166Z [err]  
2022-05-11T05:49:50.166Z [err] WARN
2022-05-11T05:49:50.167Z [err]  
2022-05-11T05:49:50.167Z [err] deprecated
2022-05-11T05:49:50.173Z [err]  uuid@3.4.0: Please upgrade  to version 7 or higher.  Older versions may use Math.random() in certain circumstances, which is known to be problematic.  See https://v8.dev/blog/math-random for details.
2022-05-11T05:49:51.154Z [err] npm
2022-05-11T05:49:51.155Z [err]  
2022-05-11T05:49:51.155Z [err] WARN
2022-05-11T05:49:51.156Z [err]  
2022-05-11T05:49:51.157Z [err] deprecated
2022-05-11T05:49:51.157Z [err]  request@2.88.2: request has been deprecated, see https://github.com/request/request/issues/3142
2022-05-11T05:49:57.448Z [out] 
2022-05-11T05:49:57.448Z [out] added 120 packages in 31s
2022-05-11T05:49:57.483Z rc=0

Can't see any errors there, only warnings. npm is a little strange in its definition of errors and warnings. It tends to output warnings to stderr instead of stdout which is very annoying.

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