Unauthorised tone analyzer/personality insights


I have some nodes set up to deliver a text string to a toneanalyzer node and a personality insights node, but when the text is injected both say 'unauthorised'. I recently deleted and remade my nodeRED instance which is when the problem began - both worked fine before and there's been no changed since I just imported the previously functional project.

They're both connected to the new nodered instance. I assume it's an issue with the service credentials, but they have no option in the nodes to include service credentials. I didn't need to manually input any service credentials in the nodes before either - just connecting them to the nodered instance was enough.

Does anyone have any idea what could be going wrong? I've been stuck on this issue for a while and I'm not sure what could be going wrong with the connection.

Thank you!


Here's a few screenshots to make it easier to follow -

node options - no credential fields

connections section for nodered instance