ToneAnalyzer: "Missing a minor version parameter in the URL."


I'm new to nodered. I have a basic toneanalyzer set up with a inject > toneanalyzer > reponse path.
I've just set up a connection between my ToneAnalyzer and my nodered instance. When I try to inject the string, I get this error from the tone analyzer:

"Missing a minor version parameter in the URL. To use the latest version, add the following query argument: version=2016-05-19"

There's no field in the ToneAnalyzer node for a URL. I thought it might be related to the URL credentials of my ToneAnalyzer instance itself, but they don't seem to be editable.

Does anyone know how I might fix this issue? I have a screenshot of it here if that helps.

Thank you!



You don’t give the name of the node you have installed if I look in I can’t find an obvious candidate

the obvious would be to contact the nodes author, or edit the nodes code yourself to add the missing bit of the url



Also try a node-red restart, or even a reboot. Google found someone else who had that problem but it went away for no obvious reason.



It looks like you ate using If you ahave read all the instructions for using it and still have a problem, it might be best to ask your queston to the authors of the node.



removing and re-adding the node seems to have worked - thank you!