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I have installed a ttn package in node red and connected uplink node to my ttn application. My problem is how to get right values in node red.

In node red I can see that I receive a payload but it is not the same as the one I see in ttn console.
why ?

Here an example

in ttn console I see the following
payload BE1945512090008570403809080EB0



  "battery_level": 3760,
  "dl_counter": 8,
  "gps_quality": "Poor",
  "hdop": 3,
  "lati_hemisphere": "North",
  "latitude": 45.85348333333334,
  "latitude_dmm": "N 45°51.209",
  "long_hemisphere": "East",
  "longitude": 8.950666666666667,
  "longitude_dmm": "E 008°57.04",
  "payload": "BE1945512090008570403809080EB0",
  "sats": 8,
  "temperature": 25,
  "trigger": "pushbutton",
  "ul_counter": 9

I am using a decoder

in node red I see

msg : Object
dev_id: "field_tester"
payload: object
payload: "YO5YASYDCAACCgEGOo6i"
message: object
app_id: "stabio_signal"
dev_id: "field_tester"
port: 0
gateway_id: "amstabio001"
config: object
modulation: "LORA"
data_rate: "SF9BW125"
airtime: 164864000
counter: 8
frequency: 869525000
power: 27
_msgid: "404babea.7db164"

how can I get fields as in ttn console or the string decoded ? maybe i am using wrong node ?
not sure I am receiving all the payload ..
if you have a flow example would be great.

thanks a lot
kind regs

This looks like base 64.

When converted (using the base64 node) you will see 60EE58012603085020A01063A8EA2

My guess is that in that hexadecimal data is your information

Do you have a manual that describes the payload?

Do you see anything in this...?


The title of your thread is poor at best and will not really attract the users who know what you have. You should really edit the title to say something like "Need help decoding GPS values from a ttn payload"

Also, I have no idea what you mean by the following...

  • "I am using a decoder" - what decode? where?
  • "connected uplink node to my ttn application" - what is ttn? what is uplink node?
  • "I have installed a ttn package in node red" - which package? Can you provide a link to the flows library entry for this package?

... you might get more help by providing more info

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