Unexplained Node-Red Exception

Node-Red will unexpectedly stop with the following log entry:

Trace is enabled and no preceding activity coincides with the exception. In other words, the flow is idle before the error occurs.

I would expect debug information to trace the issue back to the source. I apologize if it's obvious, but I can't tell where this error is originating. It's clearly a low-level exception. Also, based on the "uncaught exception" I expected the node-red process to stop, but it hangs.

To reproduce, deploy flow and allow to run 0 to 10 minutes. It reliably stops in this time frame with the above exception. There are a series of nodes installed and this minimal flow exercises a number of them with triggers. I understand looking at or running the attached flow and determining a source of the issue is rather difficult and unlikely, so I was more interested in understanding the nature of the exception itself and what might trigger that. It appears to point to some core fault and is not associated with any specific nodes...but the flow must cause it eventually because an empty flow does not.

Have been unable to reproduce by isolating individual nodes and functionality.

  • Node-RED version: 3.1.0
  • Node.js version: 20.8.1
  • npm version: 10.1.0
  • Platform/OS: Ubuntu 22.04.3
  • Browser: Chrome
  • Hardware: Orange Pi - Orangepi

Unable to upload flow as a new user so perhaps the above indicates some things I can investigate.

node:net indicates something network related;

The node:net module provides an asynchronous network API for creating stream-based TCP or IPC server

That is quite a lot but it does narrow the field somewhat

We prefer users not to upload flows, instead, just paste the flow JSON into a code block in your reply.

Additionally, we prefer error logs as text too (screenshots are not searchable)

Lastly, include a list of nodes installed. This is easiest when collected from system info (ctrl+shift+p, type system info)

That's all I needed. Thanks. I found the following node was being executed in parallel so there must have been a conflict or timing issue closing the socket(s).


Noted on future posts. Thanks again.


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