"unhealthy" docker-state because of ENOTFOUND


i'm using Node-RED for my home automation and there are different outgoing connections. Some of them are wifi, and also some of them in some cases are not connected all day long or have a weak wifi connection so are unavailable for some moments.

Because of this i have some errors like [error] [http request:b5de5086.02f1f] RequestError: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND device.xyz. For me that was ok but since i've upgraded from latest docker-container v3.0.1 to v3.1.0-18 the container state is "unhealthy" most of the time. Is it because of the Request Errors or is there something else that could be responsible for this unhealthy-state? Has the http request node changed sind 3.0.1 or is it possible to disable container logging for specific nodes?

What else can i do to ignore (some) node errors in health-check?


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