NodeRed 1.0.3 docker now slow to start

Updated my docker to v1.0.3 and it now starts slowly, causing docker to set "unhealthy"

Seems to work ok still. Hue groups weren't responding and I restarted, when I noted the "unhealthy" state.

Nothing in the logs seems amis to me... attaching to terminal nothing is display (docker attach nodered).

Tested on another system, same thing. So think its something in code change from 1.0.2 to 1.0.3

No one else having this issue?

All we have done is add the automatic healthcheck. That only runs once a minute so will take at least a minute before it reports back. It is independent of the actual runtime - which will be started just as quickly as before.

Just to close out this thread, we identified the healthcheck uses http to check if NR is running, but if you've configured NR to use https then the healthcheck fails.

We've rebuilt the docker images to remove the healthcheck for the time being until we have a version that works for however NR is configured.

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As you mentioned that healthcheck don't work if https is configured and helthcheck are removed temporally for time being . I was wondering is there a way to add health checks with https configured ?