Unified-RED not working - MongooseError

when i open node red give a problem "MongooseError" how to solve it
this problem start after I installed Unified-RED Dashboard.
i delete the Unified-RED Dashboard folder from node-module folder it start working

Add pressure to the already logged issue?
the author needs to address it

[BUG] Not able to "Connect to database" · Issue #87 · waccit/unified-red · GitHub

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There's an issue raised in the Unified-RED GitHub repo that covers your situation. No solution yet.

I propose you alter the title of your post to sth more specific - to raise attention of others using as well Unified-RED. On top, you could address to the creators of this project for additional support.


@aziz.ham I've changed the title to something more appropriate.

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thank you :blush:

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