Unique bot project

Hello everyone, I'm new in node red Dev and community and I started with a really hard project, a long short story:
I'm working with a chatbot development, actually creating a webhook inside the node red.
I had some questions:
Does the node-red work async within the http input and output and the function?
Does the node red had a way to store variable into the flow and erase when I trigger something? Async (like multiple times and simultaneously, msgs payload need to turn variables and then erase when I trigger something?)
Lastly I will tell my story:
I working at a company in Brazil and I got the responsability to build a chatbot (never develop something before, I got this because a college project that I build up a simple chat bot and now I need to make something complex).
Does anyone here is avaliable to help me?
I had a lot of cool ideas but I suck at code, I'm trying my best but still got a few and problems after and after.
With regards,

I suggest to have a look on Viseo bot maker , a chat bot platform based on Node-RED. Your company can save quite a lot of time and effort by using such platform.

Not sure of the exact mechanics. But if you mean, can it handle multiple requests in parallel - I would think so, it uses ExpressJS under the skin which is pretty good. You would still want to look at a processing cluster though if you wanted to go really big in terms of large-scale use.

Well each request would be a separate trigger of the flow. So using a context variable will scope the variable to that instance I think.

You could easily force it anyway by using some kind of unique tracking ID if you needed to.

I think we would need to understand a bit more about the scope of the project. A chatbot for which platform? That makes a massive difference as to how complex it is to develop.