Untis Calendar to Apple Calendar

Hi Node-Red community. I'm a newbie with Node-Red. In our school we use Untis as timetable. In Untis i can download an .ical and put it into the apple calendar. Now my problem/wish: i want to update it automatic every day.
I worked many hours on searching an trying with many programms.
Can someone give me tips?
(sorry for my english :slight_smile: )

@CaveMansSon welcome to the forum.

When you say you want to update it do you mean your iCal calendar or what ever is stored in untis?

This is the first post that (in my memory) has ever mentioned Untis so I think you are in uncharted territory.

While there are a couple iCal nodes, I think none of them can store data into iCal, they all just retrieve data from iCal.

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