Update a flow using http request

Dear all,

I want to update a flow using the http request node via nodered's API admin.
Is this possible?
I found some documentation but I am having difficulty to understand it.

As per doc, I can use the PUT/flow/:id to update a specific flow.

However, I cannot see where to put the JSON data on my http request node.
As per document, I need to add this data onto the http request:

But the http request node only have this configuration:

So basically what I want to do is, update the flow using the nodered http request.

Hoping for your guidance.


Hello ..

The http-request node has an input that can accept a msg.
The body of the request is sent using msg.payload
( You could use a preceding Inject, Change, Function or any other node to construct a msg.payload. )

If you select the http-request node and view its Help tab on the side window
you get a detailed explanation of all the properties that you can set for that node.


I see!
Thanks my friend!
I mislooked in the documentation.



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