Update file button

Good morning,

I'm trying to implement an option in node-red and I don't know how to approach it.
What I want to do is a node with a button, that when I press it, I will compare the name of the n file locally with another in an ftp, and if it is different, that of the option to download it.
It would be very similar to the option of looking for new firmware in a router for example.
I'm stuck at first because I wouldn't know how to tell it to compare the file name in the function ...
Some help?

Thanks and regards!

Welcome to the forum Ataraxial.

You say:

I will compare the name of the n file

What do you mean by the 'n' file?
What have you tried so far"
Do you have a flow that you are working on? if so can you provide it? (please read this first)

I have explained myself a little wrong I have.
In the end I have solved it with the watch node.

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