Update from v0.20.07


I use a very old version of nodered (v0.20.07). I have many tabs and nodes for my smart home and everything works fine.
Now I would like to update to the newest version. How can I do this without to loose all my nodes, settings and so on?
I found that I need only to type " sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red": will this work? Will the new Node.js version be installed too?

Thank you!


First a few questions before advice...

What hardware?
What OS?
Current nodejs version?

Your answers will help form a better response.

Intel NUC i3-7100U
Ubuntu 18.04
Nodejs v8.10.0

Ok, in which case I recommend you run the official installer script with --node14 flag.


That will upgrade node-red & node js in one go

Before you do anything else make sure that your backups are up to date. You should have everything in your .node-red folder (assuming that is where your flows file is saved) backed up, except for the node_modules folder which will be rebuilt.

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Great Steve!

It worked perfect, all my nodes and tabs are alive und runnig again.

Thank you very much!

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