Update on Node-RED SSL using Letsencrypt & Certbot

Hi there,
I used so far for more than 1 year the following solution to automatically create certificate for NodeRed access over Let's Certificate

Unluckly even if the certificate update is supposed to be renews on a 30 days before the current certificate is going to expire, it is now since 2,5 months the certificate is not being changed.
Forcing the certificate creation it is working properly but always creating a file elapsing on April, 2023 (on the 18th).
Do you have any idea why this is happening?
I wanted to write on the above mentioned post but it is quite old and have been closed 2years ago.
Any help would be really appreciated.

If you are using certbot, it appears to have a systemd service which means that you should be able to check its logs.

Some more info here: Cerbot cron job? - Help - Let's Encrypt Community Support

Hi there
I did actually checked the log file comparing the last time the certification got renewed correctly and when it is failing.
The first difference i can found is the invalid status that you can see in the screenshot here attached.
Seems there is error in validating the data.
Any idea which could be the reason?
Thank you so much for any help.


Sorry, that doesn't mean anything to me - I don't use certbot but rather the simpler acme.sh on a cron shedule that I've had set up for years now with no hicups.

Hopefully someone who does use certbot can help further.

I was trying to change the topic title since this is not related specifically to nodered but to certbot.
By the way seems i cannot change it.
If a moderator can change it to Certbot and let's encypt issue on periodical release, that would be perfect and mote understandable for other people as well.

Hi All,
Seems I solved.
The problem I had deactivated a port forwarding rule on the router necessary to get the inbound connection necessary for the certificate renewal.
Hope this can be of help for someone else in the future.

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