Update-rc.d not running

I m sorry if this is not relate to node-red but my whole system runs on it and i cant get the gsm running on boot.

I followed this tutorial https://lawrencematthew.wordpress.com/2013/08/07/connect-raspberry-pi-to-a-3g-network-automatically-during-its-boot/

I m stuck at
sudo update-rc.d autoconnectnet defauts.

nothing seems to happen and its not booting up the gsm modem. I gt to manually start it.
sudo /etc/init.d/autoconnectnet start

How else can i run it on boot? Am desperate as i nd my nodered runs on GSM. This is the final part of my system.

Thank you

What version of Raspbian (assuming you are using Raspbian) are you using. Jessie and Stretch use systemd so I don’t know whether update-rc.d will work. You may have to write a systemd script to get it going, if you can’t find an example anywhere.

I notice there is a response near the end of the comments on the tutorial making the same point about it not working on Jessie.

You might get better luck asking this question on the raspberry pi forum as there are probably more readers with the right experience.