Update to tfjs-coco-ssd node (added bounding boxes)

For those that like tfjs and image recognition... I have updated my node-red-contrib-tfjs-coco-ssd node to now also optionally add the bounding boxes to the image - making sending to email, telegram, etc that bit easier.


hi @dceejay , nice upgrade, it will free up space on my flows :grin:.

The bounding box is well integrated for 1920x1080 images.

On the other hand for 640x360 images the frame is too thick and the font too big.
[Future request] Is it possible to manually or automatically modify the font size, the line size, possibly the color?

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Version 0.5.1 now with attempted scaling of font and line width.
and 0.5.2 with line colour option


That's much better :+1: