Update to version 3.0 on Raspbi 2

Hi all,

I am using version 2.1.4 on a raspberry pi 2b and everything works fine.

Does an update to version 3.0 make sense or do I run into problems with this old device?

In addition: Do I need to do separate steps to update to Node.js 14.x or later or is this included in the script shown here: Running on Raspberry Pi : Node-RED ?

Thank you!

The upgrade should not cause any significant problems for your pi, but I suggest you make an image dump of the SD card before you start. I keep such backups of all my Pis as it is then very easy to blow another card if the one in use fails, or I mess things up dramatically. You can add --node14 to the command to tell it to install that version. That and other options can be seen by adding --help to the command as noted in the link you posted.

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I updated mine directly, just backed up my flows as I have nothing to lose on this PI. Working perfectly!


thank you forthis information :+1:

I did make the backup and I already testet it, thank you for this hint!

And for all the other clueless people like me:
If you use Win32 Disk Imager to save the image, it is enough to select drive E (boot). The rest is automatically backed up as well. I didn't know this and I had to google it first. And this was not easy!!!

That's why the update to version 3.0 is delayed... I will do it the next days.

Thank you all!

Hi Colin,
next and hopefully last question:
Does it make sense to skip version 14 of Node.js and to use version 18 (--node18) and to run also the installed npm update (--update-nodes)?

I'd stick with v16 LTS for now.

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To late :wink:

But everything looks good.
Thank you all!

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