[UPDATED] node-red-contrib-ngrok 3.0.0 beta


I've just published a major update to the ngrok node, This is using the new official ngrok javascript package which no longer requires the ngrok binary.

Given this is a fairly sigificant change I've initially published this with the beta1 tag as I'd like to get some feedback on things especially from users upgrading from previous versions of the node.

I've tried to keep the functionality changes to a minimum there are a couple of things that have been changed on the ngrok side.
Most significantly if you were previously relying on ngrok to expose both http and https versions of your endpoint you can now only choose one or the other, the default is https

You will also require an ngrok account and the authtoken is now mandatory, althogh this change was introduced a few weeks ago with the 2.1 update.

You can install from npm with the command npm install node-red-contrib-ngrok@3.0.0-beta from your node-red folder eg ~/.node-red
If you only have access to the editor you can try this trick to upgrade, open the editor then open the browsers developer console and type: RED.palette.editor.install({id:"node-red-contrib-ngrok", version: "3.0.0-beta1"}) Then click the confirmation when prompted. This method is a bit experiemental but seemed to work for me.

You will need to restart node-red to pikcup the update regardless of method

Please leave feedback here or as an issue in the repo GitHub - sammachin/node-red-contrib-ngrok: ngrok node for node-red