Updates to Docker Images

The current Docker images https://hub.docker.com/r/nodered/node-red-docker still base themselves off node v6 and v8 - and default to the v6 version, unless told otherwise.

Obviously we need to move this on somewhat... to at least 8 and/or 10. But there is also a feeling it should be linked to version bumps in Node-RED core also.

Opinions please...
a) should we build for 8 and 10 ?
b) should we make the default node 10 ?
c) how tied to Node-RED releases should these changes be ?
or should they be tied to node.js releases ? or something else... ?


I vote for latest, v10, tied to Node.

For me: latest node as a default...


I really need a 0.20.7-rpi-v10 image. I don't know how much work is involved. But I'm dead in the water with my Home Assistant automation without it.



Lots of work and people are working on it.

Thank you!