Node-red docker based on debian stretch


Hi, asking for your opinion on the best way for the following:

I'm running node-red inside a docker container using the latest tag image.
I need to make use of UNIX socket inside a flow and looks like the best way for this is using curl, but the curl version shipped in the container do not support this feature (needed curl >=7.40).
Investigating further node-red is based on node.js docker images and different tags are available for using node version 6 or 8.
node.js images are in turn based on debian jessie for which the latest curl available in the repository is 7.38 but there are also images based on debian stretch that would have the needed curl version.
Looking at the git dockerfile ( looks like that this would be as easy as changing the first line:




But what is the best way to do this in order to easly be up to date with the original official image every time a new build is issued?
If forking the repo I would need to rebuild the image when a new node-red version is shipped and be always in sync with node-red-docker official repo.




would be possibile to add travis build for stretch based image on the official repo?
I can make a PR in case, but it's pretty simple.

Thanks and regards,

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Hi Leosirth,

I second your proposal and I would like to suggest that you move this topic (if possible) to "Core Development > Feature Requests" to make it better visible to the relevant people.