Updating a live system from a development node-red

Sorry in advance if this has been answered already. But I searched and couldn't find it :slight_smile:
I have two Linux based systems: a live RPI Rasbian one and a development Lubuntu one.

When I deploy my latest development system I export all nodes to a text file from the dev system. Then on the live system I have to manually delete all tabs on screen and also in the layout before importing as a new flow the dev text file.

Am I missing something? Is there an easy way to zero your node-red system before importing? Otherwise I get double the tabs.

If you use the Projects feature with the project stored in a git repository accessible to both devices then all you have to do on the production system is pull the latest version and restart node-red. Apart from installing any new nodes that is.

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Thanks Colin. Yes that sounds a good solution. So I'll stop messing around at the GUI level and go under the hood. I can practice on the dev machine :slight_smile: