Updating flow.json while while Node-RED is running (as a service): recommended?

Hey all, I have my Node-RED project tracking a remote repository on GitHub. The usual flow files are hosted (flow.json, package.json, credentials)

Occasionally I will "git fetch, git pull" while Node-RED is running, overwriting the flow.json file, then I just restart the Node-RED service.

However, the overly-precautious part of me prefers to (1) stop node-red as a service, (2) pull flow.json from GitHub, (3) start Node-RED with the new flow file.

This comes from me not fully understanding the Node-RED runtime, so I was wondering if any Node-RED experts here can shed some light on this? What are the risks (if any) of overwriting flow.json, package.json, and the credentials file while Node-RED is running that flow?

A running version of node-red does not look at the flows file, so there is no harm updating then restarting node-red. Provided there is no danger of someone deploying while you are messing with the file, of course.

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