Updating Node.js to 12.13.1 LTS? [SOLVED]

Edit: RTFM. Per the Docs (which I thought I had read), 12.x is supported so this question is moot.

I am running NR on a couple of RPIs and Macs as well as my work PC (because it's awesome).
For another project, I need to install Gulp which requires node.js 8.11.1. At least on my Mac, I am running 6.11.4 and I recall some discussion about not updating to the latest version of node.js because it [might | would | could] break something in NR.
Is it safe to update to the latest LTS?
If I do, what else should I update?
If I update NR (I am running 0.19.4 on my Mac), does that update the other stuff as well?