Updating of installed nodes

Add a feature to "update all" nodes that have a newer version available. If you have many nodes, the administration will be massive, especially if you think about having NR in commercial production/products

From other areas I know this as "fleet management". An example I have personal experience with is a portal where we manage thousands of routers and they do fw updates from time to time. Having to do this manually per router would be "almost impossible", at least very costly

Ideally a manually activated feature "update all nodes" and eventually a NR setting "automatic updating of nodes" that would happen as soon as a new version is available

Hi Walter, already on backlog: Trello

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Are you sure you want your thousands of systems to be automatically updated before you have a chance to check that your s/w works with the new versions of nodes? Remember sometimes new versions have bugs, or even breaking changes that need you to change your flows.

Well, maybe not but the possibility to select all, I would like

If you want the feature immediately then you could use an Exec node and run the appropriate npm command in the exec node, then force a restart of node-red.

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OK, yes, that is an option of course, thanks!

Hi Steve, I'm getting a bit confused about where all feedback should be given. For this forum part it is stated A place to make suggestions for new features in Node-RED

Then you have Trello as mentioned. As well as github for Node-RED with reported issues where I see many "good things" contributed in the issue list that is not listed in Trello

Very confusing

Where should we put feedback in order to get the highest impact and possible seen by those who need to see them??

Trello is being wound down (i believe)
FRs on github Issues is a new thing & only to be made by the team for now.
You can make suggestions on SLACK but as it is a realtime messaging platform, I can go unnoticed.

Therefore, here is the best place (IMO).


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