Updating the Node-RED user showcase on nodered.org

We're finally updating the user showcase on nodered.org - it hasn't been touched for ages and we know there are lots of companies using Node-RED today who could be included.

We're going to change it slightly to remove the individual pages we have for each user, as they are hard to maintain and keep up to date. Instead we're going to link directly to the appropriate company pages.

If your company uses Node-RED in some form, and you'd like to show support for the project by being included on the homepage, please get in touch. All we need is a logo we can use, permission to use the logo and a URL to link to.

I know some of you have emailed me over the last couple years (or more...!) about this. I have gone through and belatedly replied to those emails this morning. If you haven't had a reply - then please do get in touch again.

You can either reply here, or email me directly - nick.oleary@gmail.com


Hello Mr Oleary / hello Nick,

Yes, absolutely. You can find our logo here: https://www.victronenergy.com/upload/logoVictronEnergy.zip.

And a link to either our main website, (which I can't link here, do to that this is a new post), and or the manual of the application that uses Node-RED:


Thank you for the great product;!


awesome initiative Nick! Indeed we spoke about adding the ST-One logo there, a couple of years ago in a chat room on slack :slight_smile: .
Here is the link to our logo version? ST-One_logos.zip - Google Drive
And our website domain is https://st-one.io

Thank you for your amazing contribution to the community. Hopefully one day we will be able to retribute at least a fraction of what you already did.

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Hello Mr Oleary

I heard this from Kazuhito Yokoi.
Our company specialize in facility control with KNX adn DALI.
And we use Node-RED to connect a new technologies to facilities.

Out logo is here,

And we introduce Node-RED following our company web page.

Thank you so much for giving us a great application!

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That URL gives a 404 response

sorry, now you can see!

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Thanks @smartlight - have added it to the site.

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Hello Mr Oleary @knolleary

Our company from Ukraine and we specialize in chat bots and digital assistants.
We use Node-red as bot platform for different messengers. We help to automate business processes for our customers .
Our logo:
Our site url:

Hello Nick,

I have sent and email asking to include us, https://litmus.io/ to nodered.org list. We use node-red as part of our product, Litmus Edge.

Thank you for the amazing contribution to the community.

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