Upgrade a bitcoin flow for Ulanzi TC001 runnig awtrix

I was searching for a live bitcoin ticker and found the pixel clock Ulanzi TC001 to use for. After installing awtrix (custom firmware) and the bitcoin flow, it works (and looks) pretty good. The flow pulls data from a API.


It would be cool to have some improvements :slight_smile: (if possible)...like:

  • alternately showing BTC price also in EUR
  • showing price in green or red, when its going up/down
  • showing all time high (ath) in EUR/USD
  • play a sound when reaching the ath (RTTTL)

Is it possible? Any one here to help me?

Gonna need a lot more digits. :slight_smile:

The clock/display can scoll or do you mean about the bitcoin price going up to one million? :joy: