Upgrade version issue

I have node-red 2.1.3 and I tried to upgrade to latest version using

sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red

however, even after command finishes and restart (both node-red and my linux box) I still see node-red 2.1.3 in UI menu.
When I do

npm list -g node-red

i see

└── node-red@2.2.2

What am I doing wrong ?


Try browser cache clear / Ctrl-refresh page?



That was my intial guess too. I tried new browser too to make sure that I am not using cached version. This is also confirmed from missing features which were added in 2.2.x (splicing wires).

Which version of node js are you running ? Are you running under a container? Or n ? Or other environment ?

node js is 16.x and running native on ubuntu 20.x

And you flushed your local browser cache ?

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