Uploading a file on remote server

Hello everyone,
I have a quick question, Is there any node that can be used to upload a file on a remote server?
I tried using SMB node but its not working correctly. Any other suggestion from the forum?

Use case: I have to upload a CSV file every day on a remote server using NodeRed, this file will create its own name using the date of that particular day, so that there are no same files on the server.
I have been trying this for a while but not able to find the right solution. I hope find one on this forum.

Thanks and regards

I've not tried the SMB nodes.
I did try various FTP nodes but couldn't get them to work with my ISP.

I ended-up writing a Python script to handle sFTP transfers and called it from an Exec node in Node-RED.
It works with a remote sFTP server as well as my local NAS.
Although I've used it to upload jpg files, I'm sure it would handle csv files.

Edit: Just tried a CSV file and it handles that format just fine.

You will probably get other (better) suggestions from other members on the forum.

hello ! please i am working in similar project, i want to upload files with csv format from a FTP server to another one but the two servers are not in the same network, i can use Filezilla for that but i want to automate this task, so can you send me your flow specially the script python and the function blocs .

I've written a short guide on how to 'Upload a file to a remote server' for my IoT students.
Here's the link to the post on the 'Share Your Projects' section of the forum.

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