File upload sftp


Is it possible to upload a file via FTP?

Yes it is possible.

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Hello! Thanks for the answer how do i do it better?

Have you tried any of the ftp nodes in the flow library?

The node I've had most success with is... node-red-contrib-ftp

No what exactly? A local file should be uploaded.

The locael file path and the path where the file is uploaded is available in the flow.

I've already tried node-red-contrib-ftp, but SFTP doesn't work

Oops - sorry didn't spot that. I'm just using within my home network.

"Library - Node-RED" Library - Node-RED

There are at least 4 sftp contrib nodes. Have you tried any of them?


With node-red-contrib-sftpco it works.

many thanks for the help

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