Has anyone got 'lftp' to work?

I've been trying to get this node to work...

I can list the files on a remote FTP server, but that's about it.
I can't get PUT or GET to work.

Just wondering if anyone has any success with the node before I waste more time struggling with it.

Sounds like a permissions problem, are you logging in anonymously?

Hi Garry,
I'm logging-in as an FTP user.
Really strange as I'm using exactly the same credentials as I use in FileZilla and WinSCP.

Did you install the binary?

Yes I did.
Have you managed to get it to work??

Yes I did.
Have you managed to get 'lftp' to work?

No Dave, I haven't used FTP for ages. Just trying to think why it's not working for you!

I have this problem with all sftp and ftp nodes. I can list or even remove some folder but not put or get a file. Does someone know anything about this?
The nodes I have been used are these:

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