Url return position (latitude, longtitude)

hello, i know a url " http://ipv4bot.whatismyipaddress.com" return IP wan for me.
now i need url like that return latitude,longtitude for me.
if you know, please share it with me.

How do you expect a remote server to know your location, and what has that got to do with node-red?

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Hi @gaara7271

Geolocating an IP address is highly unreliable. It depends entirely on how you are connected to the internet.

There are services that will return an approximation, but I'd never want to rely on it.

For example, it routinely identifies my home to be about 200 miles north in the city where my ISP happens to be based.

Likewise, when sat in my work office in the UK, lots of the internet thinks I'm sat in Germany, again due to how my corporate network is configured.

It had not occurred to me that @gaara7271 meant getting the location from the IP, as @knolleary says, that basically doesn't work.