Use completely custom icons in Node-Red Dashboard

Hi there everyone! I run an escape room and about a year back switches to using node-red for basically everything! Absolutely love it! One thing I want to do is create better dashboards for monitoring props specifically using the dashboard icons. I could make custom templates but all I really need is to be able to take my custom .svg's and place them where I would put say "fa-fire" for a fire icon... anyone know how?

If for localhost solution ...
Put those svg-s into static folder.
For most widgets where it is possible to add icon you can use url


Url must start with "http" , otherwise it will be treated like material-design icon set which then of course fails.
Correct path of course depends but that is question about how to use static folder.

Some widgets like text don't have dedicated icon field but still can show icons using a little of html string.
Still possible:

{{msg.payload}}<img src="http://localhost:1880/surf.svg"/>



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