Custom site icon on dashboard

I am trying to figure out if it is possible to change the dashboard site icon instead of the red on white standard icon.

It would be nice to have an additional "site icon" field on the dashboard "site" tab.

Does the dashboard use the same favicon as node-red desktop? If so you can change it in your settings file.

see the section on Editor Themes

Feel free to help implement and raise a pull request. The main reluctance is that often sites specify lots of icons to cope with different browsers and devices so it wouldn’t just fit in a simple text box (the Dashboard uses 3 presently). It may just be easiest to overwrite the existing icon files in the dist folder.

(and no we don't use the editor icon for the dashboard)

Thanks @ukmoose, "favicon" was the right word...

I think for the moment I will go for this solution.
Just for the record, the favicon complete path is the following:

As already mentioned earlier, let's hope they will not be overwritten after upgrades.

they absolutely WILL be overwritten by upgrades - so back them up and have a small script file to re-copy them back in after an upgrade.