Use global variable in http request url

Is there possible use global variable in url of http request node.
like: http:{{global.ip}}/tset

And how to use variable in websocket url?
If I have many flows and use the same websocket server, how to set different websocket url like, ws://test/${uuid}, different flow have different uuid

Click once on the http request node, read the documentation tab.

You can send a msg.url to the http request node, leave the address empty.

Websockets are statically defined. You can make a single socket end-point and based on the received data, route it through flows.

Thanks for your reply. The first question I have solved by using the msg.xx. but the second question still not resolved,can you give some examples? If one flow will be execute many times in one moment, how can I figure the exexuted flows.

This is the rough idea, send data to the websocket that specifies the "destination" you want the data to travel in the flow. ie. you listen on a single websocket and make decisions based on input message. With a switch node you can route the message.

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