Use Hue Temp and Hue Light to control cover


a few month ago I started to use Home Assistant with Node Red. I really like it although there are a lot of things that I do not understand or know yet.

For my flows so far (such as time based window cover movements, motion tracking based light scenes, etc ...) it works great. Now I want to go a step further and let the window cover close when the temperatur and light level exceed defined values.

I did not figure out how that works. The Hue Temperatur sensor acts like an injection in a certain interval, but that causes the cover to move again and again (because I first open it 100%, wait 30 seconds, then close it and stop after 15 seconds, so that the cover is roundabout closed at 80% and not fullyclosed).

I would love to get hints how to check if the temp and light is on a certain level and that the cover only closes once (so when it already closed, that it does not the repeat the flow)

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OK, I think I already got it.
Instead of the Hue Temperatur Node i can use the state If nod to check the temperatur. I also created a helper counter. Increment this counter to 1 if the flow processes. Once it ran the counter is 1 and another State If-Nod blocks the process when the counter is higher than 1. At midnigh I let the counter reset to 0.

Next question: how can i now integrate a second state If to check if also the light level is above 20klux?

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Forget it, ... simply set several check state items in a row does the job. Is there a way to completely delete my post?

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Why delete it? You have solved a problem that someone else may stumble over in the future and your solution will be helpful to them.

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