Use node-red on own-host website

Hello, i'm done working on my flow in a localhost environment. Now, i'd like to deploy it to my website :

It would be host from my computer under debian 11.
My domain name would be :
My public ip is linked to it already, if i go on the website, it's forwarding us to apache2 index.html default page.

So, as a resume :
The domain name is forwading my browser to the apache default page.
If i enter my domain name + node-red port, i get the node-red working (ex:

But i'd like to have the node-red working when i enter my website.

Be very careful with this setup as your local computer will be exposed to the internet over http: this is highly discouraged. One of the active forum members (@TotallyInformation) has created several forum posts and blogs about this topic. I would suggest reading these topics, unless you are ok with being vulnerable to the internet.

At the very least make sure that you are using https and not http, ie. get a ssl certificate for your website.
A better setup would be to run a VPN and connect over the VPN to your local machine, or use a reverse proxy (with 2 factor authentication).


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