How to connect other users to my webpage

Hi all,

I am creating a webpage using the http nodes. It works for me when I am locally connected.

I was wondering if there is a way to upload the webpage to the internet so anyone can view it if they know the password or even just the website link?


You can by exposing local port 1880 to the internet but this is definitely not recommended.

Start here if you want to make your node-red server accessible via the internet

For reference, the easiest way to add a measure of security is to use a web reverse proxy to do the endpoint security for you. NGINX, HAproxy, Apache Server, etc can all do this pretty readily and are almost certain to provide better assurance than using Node-RED alone. They will also tend to give you a good performance boost as well.

You can go even further and use something like Cloudflare to act as a front-end. It will filter out known attacks, provide worldwide caching of static assets, provide fairly strong TLS support, analytics and more. Just make sure that you configure your local router to only allow Cloudflare servers to talk to Node-RED.

You will also need to look at using certificates to enable local HTTPS. Even when using Cloudflare, you should encrypt the traffic to/from CF though going that route allows you to use a self-signed certificate that you can create for yourself. Though these days, getting and maintaining a certificate via Let's Encrypt is generally easy enough.

Make sure also that you have used long passkey's to prevent access to your admin ui.

Should that information be in the docs I linked to?

Probably :smile:

It has certainly be written a few times and you will find it on my blog too.

To expose your web site, use Ngrok for example, or webhookrelay.
By this way you can define a port to expose, and not nodered UI directly.
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