Use reply headers for email threading

Currently it is possible to have e-mails as inputs or outputs of flows.

Some headers can be set directly, like To and CC, but not all: specifically, In-Reply-To and References should be updated for email threading to work as expected.

This would allow for flows where an email by Node-RED can be clearly marked as a reply to the email that initially triggered the flow.

An easy way of implementing this is to add those fields to the existing nodemailer interface, as it implements them already.

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great - we look forwards to the pull request.

Great - that was quick :slight_smile:

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There wasn't much work to do!
I hope it is useful to others too.

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I assume you have tested it and are happy with it now ?


The messages correctly thread after setting these headers to the Message-Id of the original message. And setting the subject to "Re: [original subject]".

It was really just propagating the headers to the underlying library.


Now on npm as v1.5.0


The version bump to 1.5.0 changes the dependency mailparser-mit to mailparser. This works if mailparser-mit happens to be installed but fails otherwise.