Use Weak Indicator for ETag in http-request node header

I need to set the weak indicator in the HTTP header of the http-request node.

The raw header should look like:


Note the leading W/ before the double quotes. This indicates a weak validation of the ETag. See:

I tried to add the header by a function node:

msg.headers = {};
msg.headers['If-Match'] = 'W/"JzE5OfC4OTI2MjglMTM1MjIWODgyMzcxOzAwOyc="';

This of course results in a wrong header formatting:

If-Match: "W/"JzE5OfC4OTI2MjglMTM1MjIWODgyMzcxOzAwOyc=""

I tried different ways of encoding the double quotes. But this does not work as W/ needs to be outside of the quoted value.

Is there a way to set the raw header of a http-request node?

Thank you for any help.

Reading the MDN specs the W/ is part of a response header sent in a response not a request header.
So would not be sent in the If-Match header.

Ok. Sending the ETag without the weak indicator works.

Thank you very much.

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