User Defined Evironmental Variables

I'm referring this example flow. I've in one of my flows, a client_secret as payload. I'm trying to store this payload as an environmental variable. I'm a newbie and I'm not sure how to do it. Can someone help me please?

You can not store data in a flow into an environmental variable. You create the Environmental variable in your settings file and store a constant in it. Then in your flw you can access that value.

You can use persistant data and store that - and now that data will remain over reboots or shut down/restarts of NR. See this in the Documentation and have a read of this thread

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Just to expand on that, environment variables exist in the host OS. They are only read when starting Node-RED so even if you were to update them, they wouldn't help you.

Hi all, I am trying to use the node node-red-contrib-fcm-push-node and it asks me for a configuration parameter using an environment variable, I have node-RED installed in an AWS instance, but I have not been able to know how to do this, Any help you can give me?
How do I create the environment variable so I can use it within my flow?

An inject plus a change node should do it. But really that is awkward design from the node. I wonder why they did that?

yeah, thats the way to use the EV, but how to create it on the server for the node-red instance?