How to use enviroments variables into redis configs

Hi, we use node-red v2.0.6 and node-red-contrib-redis 1.3.9.

We were wondering how to use envioments variables, so we can use same flow in all envs.

We are able to use json, but we have to change the flows.json when coping it.

The docs on how to use environment variables in your flow are here: Using environment variables : Node-RED

Uhnn... No good...

This package offers the string, env and json options to pass credentials, so I can't use this strategy you shown because because in string I should pass more than 1 value in 1 input field, and in json I cant use ${} between quotes

I'm not familiar with the node, but if it lets you set it as a string then why can't you provide the whole field value as an env var?


Owwwww, of course.....kkkkkkkkkk. I will try it and let you know...

Hey man, it worked......

Thank you so much

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