User editor permissions

While i have am aware that today we dont have fine grained user permissions. Can you share a tentative roadmap - just to understand if its something which is planned for v4 ?

Suggestion :
Today we have user level data stored in .config.users.json.
Maybe - one option can be the permissions be defined in settings or available via. user_authentication - in following form for each user

permissions : [inject.write, group.A.write, group.B.write, tab.A.write, tab.B.write,"read"]

(group.A.write - means user can edit group with name as A . All groups with name A will have same permission.)
(tab.A.write - means user can edit tab with as A . All tabs with name A will have same permission.)

I understand this is not the best mechanism and better option would be to define permissions at a role level - and the same role be defined for multiple users. But in the absence of anything above may be an interim approach.

Having the above - even if without a GUI will allow some ability to define such granularity.

Please suggest if such is possible.

Hi, I took the liberty of updating the title to indicate that you are interested in Editor permissions - please revert if I got that wrong.

This is indeed correct. Thanks @TotallyInformation

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