Permissions read should allow "inject" button

as far as i know currently we have * and read permissions.

I would like to keep my flows read only on the remote server, but still allow admin users to be able to "inject" or "debug". is this even possible?

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Do you mean you want them to be able to add inject and debug nodes without having write access to the flows file?

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I assume its more the ability to click the inject button, rather than add new nodes to the configuration.

@aderici, a user can have multiple permissions. To give someone read-only access, but allow them to click the inject button, you can set their permissions to:

permissions: ["read","inject.write"]

Thank you Nick, that piece of information really solved my problem.

Is there a long list of permissions i can chose from? Or does it work like "node-red-contrib-some-custom-node.write"

I'm thinking about debug, but i believe it is not an easy task. I have seen generic debuggers that add itself to the panel i will check them for debugging purposes,

I don't have a list of the individual permissions - I had to double check the source code. I will see if I can pull out a list and put it somewhere useful.

The pattern will be "" and "XYZ.write" - its just a case of figuring out what values of XYZ are available :slight_smile:

To use the Debug toggle button , you need "debug.write" permission. Just remember that it requires a deploy of the flows to save changes to the debug node state. So whilst they will be able to toggle its state, if Node-RED restarts, it will revert back to whatever it was original set to.

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