Usermanagement ui


I know I can do some usermanagement with the cli
But, I was wondering, Is there an usermanagement ui on the roadmap?




no, there isn’t anything related to a user management UI in the roadmap.

The way the adminAuth is designed, it can be plugged into existing user authentication mechanisms. It wouldn’t be appropriate for us to provide a user-management UI when plugged into an auth system we don’t ‘own’.

I’m sure with more thought and design there could be something done when using a local authentication scheme. But its not on the roadmap.

The one related item that is in the backlog is providing a UI to allow a user to generate custom auth tokens for accessing the admin api - useful for integrating Node-RED into CI pipelines where you need secure access to a Node-RED instance without having to go through the OAuth process to get a token.




ok thanks for your answer.
No problem, but in my opinion it should be on the road map, …security by default, especially iot
But thats my opnion…

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